Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Go to Sleep, I Dream Versace

Inspired by the song "Versace", it dawned on me, how little I knew about the brand and its famed designer, Gianni Versace. Besides knowing how to mispronounce the brand's name (thanks Showgirls), I forever knew of Versace for their sexy, body fitting styles and their well recognized Medusa head, until now. 

In history, Gianni Versace broke down boundaries and connected theater, music, and advertising together. Withstanding time and new trends, Versace is kept fresh with Donatella at the reigns. With Lady Gaga as the newest face, and with artists like 2 Chains to Grimes, donning baroque prints and Medusa heads, Versace couldn't be more relevant today. 

Founder: Gianni Versace (1947-1997)
Known for: Baroque screen prints, mixing high art and pop culture
Logo: Medusa head “he thought that whoever falls in love with the Medusa can’t flee from her.”
You may not know...

  • Presented the first Gianni Versace collection on the runway at the Permanente Art Gallery in Milan
  • Actor Sean Penn wore an off-the-rack Versace suit when he married Madonna
  • Created costumes for Richard Strauss’s Capriccio at the San Francisco Opera
  • Had his first couture runway presentation held at the Ritz in Paris
  • The designer recieved a Woolmark Award “for challenging men’s fashion standards through brilliant color, imaginative fabric, and dramatic silhouette
  • Outfited David Bowie for the "Tin Machine" tour
  • Designed Sylvester Stallone's Judge Dredd costume 
  • Designed costumes and album cover for Elton John’s world tour
  • Accepted the CFDA International Award in 1993

Versace 2014 Spring/Summer

Versace - Migos

Preferred Drake version

Versace Must Haves: 

I've Got the Gold

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