Monday, March 31, 2014

H&M Hawaii Grand Opening

H&M finally opened its doors in Waikiki last week Wednesday for a special V.I.P. event. I've never been to an H&M in my life, so I went a bit nuts (25% off girls). A must, were the Notorious B.I.G printed leggings. I bought them and plan to wear them in every appropriate/inappropriate setting possible. It truly doesn't get anymore 90's than that. 

The store itself is very impressive, sporting two stories of fashion for men and women, and a collection of swim wear only found in H&M Hawaii. A nice local touch was added to the decor with surf prints displayed on the walls in the second floor. This is actually a photography installation by local artists Mike Coots, Zak Noyle and Sarah Lee. Their prints are also featured on t-shirts, which can be purchased exclusively in the Waikiki H&M store. 100% of the funds from the tees will support Hawaii nonprofit, AccessSurf. 

If you're a local like me, who is fashion addicted and needs to get your shop on, I suggest going during later hours. The store is open from 10am-11pm, giving ample time for a nice dinner in Waikiki and hopefully, a whole shop to yourself. Heck, make a day out of it. Free validated parking for the first three hours can be found in the Waikiki Business Plaza. Now go, get yourself some Biggie leggings. The opportunity for twinning is too strong.  

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  1. Dying that H&M is finally in Hawaii. It's cruel we had to wait this long! I hope I run into you when you're wearing those Biggie leggings haha!

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