Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Modern Mod

I think I've gone mad for mod. In fact, I've diagnosed myself, I believe I am. Back in middle school I remember discovering Andy Warhol for the first time. I even bought a tote bag with a print of his Elvis Presley illustration on it. Being increasingly curious of his pop art works, I researched The Factory and I saw him in numerous pictures with a woman donning pixie-like hair. It was Edie Sedgwick that I had found. She was a pretty face and the pictures that were taken of her were not only striking, but gave me a look into the world she was living in, the 1960s. Her striped tops, black leggings, dangly earrings, and thick eyeliner transformed the way I thought of fashion. It could be simple, bold, and daring. She exuded this freedom of self and yet, a passion for style.

Photos from various online sources

Since discovering Edie, I've also found mod inspiration through others that have also sought her out as a style innovator. Artists like Agyness Deyn, Phlo Finister and even fashion designer Marc Jacobs. With model Agyness, she struck me as a Edie look alike, but grew to be much more. A popular face in both the UK and America, she is known for her constant hair changes, and has sported the platinum blonde pixie cut look like our 60s factory girl did. Her recent InStyle UK photo shoot for their March 2013 issue proves it all.

Photos from Modelinia

My newest discovery, singer Phlo Finister is also my current style obsession. She fell in love with 60's era and found Bob Dylan and Edie Sedgwick to be huge inspirations. Although her music leans towards R&B, her fashion sense is strictly mod and includes her fashion staples to be: a striped top, skinny black tights, jumpsuits, mini skits, and dresses. Girlfriend even has her own blog called Phlolove, which showcases her work and personal style. She's about that life.


Photos from various online sources

Photos from Rolling Stone and Vogue

Re-vamping the 60's mod trend, Marc Jacobs created two very mod collections for this past spring/summer 2013 season. For his Marc Jacobs line, he brought chevrons, stripes and houndstooth in the form of body con dresses, pantsuits, midi skirts, and even t-shirts. The sharp contrast of black and white were dominant in this collection, as were the numerous amounts of patterns/graphics that hypnotized while on the runway.

Jacob's collection for Louis Vuitton was filled with checks instead of stripes and a more cheerful color palette. While black and white were also prevalent for the mod collection, bright yellow mini dresses and two piece skirt suits brought girlish 60's charm, proving that these pieces were definitely not the same garments he brought to his own Marc Jacobs line. Models wore satin bows and beehives, channeling Jackie Kennedy's sass and grace as they made their way up and down escalators. While I can't afford LV anytime soon, a stop to the Goodwill will be on my agenda to re-create a very modern mod wardrobe for myself.


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  7. Lovely to read :) I used to be obsessed with the "mod" trend when I was a kid... by that, I mean those huge bubble necklaces and stuff that they sold at Claire's and the Icing, ha, I thought I was so fashion forward back then :)

  8. Thank you for the kind comment on my blog
    I love mod! My first tattoo was a lyric by the mod father himself- the jam and the hair!!!