Saturday, October 6, 2012

September Haul

  1. Corduroy dress
  2. Crappy Kids button and pogs
  3. Denim jacket
  4. MAC purchases + future purchases?
  5. MAC Melba blush
  6. MAC Taupe lipstick
  7. Starbucks tumber + Strawberry cough drops + GNC calcium chews
  8. Eylure Katy Perry lashes in Oh honey
  9. Maybelline eye studio products: Lasting Drama Gel Liner in Blackest Black, Master Drama Eye Cream Pencil in Bold Brown, Color Tattoo in Pomegranate Punk and Tough as Taupe. 
Once again, sorry for the lateness! I'll try to be more prompt about posting! 

September was a great month for purchases! A few weeks ago I went to Art & Flea, a flea market/bar/cafe/cultural/musical event at Fresh Cafe. I usually don't find anything I like but this past Art & Flea there were so many cute second hand clothes. I love looking at the vendors that sell their own clothes because it's always interesting to see another persons style. Not to mention, second hand goods are usually cheap! Thus, I came away with a darling corduroy dress and a denim jacket with a type of thick, trimming on the collar and hem. And also free Crappy Kids pins made by my friends Cam & Chad!

A lot of beauty purchases this month, which is a bit unusual. I just had to go to MAC for some reason. Luckily I did because a sales associate there was super helpful and applied some makeup he suggested I might like. Thankfully he wrote them down so I wouldn't forget! I ended up coming away with the Taupe lipstick I really wanted and a Melba blush I think I need in my life. Can you believe I only had one MAC product before this? It's like I live on an island or something...wait....

Keeping this non-rambly, I reallllyyyy love the lasting drama eye liner and cream pencil. I find that it applys really smoothly and lasts the whole day! I'm thinking holy grail? Not too sure but I'm willing to jump the gun on that one. 

Bye guys, I think I'm going to MAC today to look at the new Marilyn Monroe collection. The MAC addiction has started.  

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  1. Great buys! Thanks for dropping by my blog, I am now following you :))