Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Breakin' tha Bank

Rugby- skinny olive colored cargo

Lauren- navy and gold striped tee 

Rugby- ruched, fitted grey tee dress

Rugby- the softest, black velvet shorts on Earth

Ralph Lauren- black Japan relief polo shirt (for my grandma)

Working at retail has it's perks, like for instance, getting employee discount. But with perks, there can be downfalls, like for instance, employee discount. U_________U

Oh gawd did I spend a lot of money today.

The point is, money was spent, and it's not always that great when the money that was spent, was spent at work. Ya know? It's not like I shop at work all the time, but today was an exception. There was a ton of Rugby things that I really love that were on the 75% off rack. So of course, I was weak and bought four items for myself and two Japan relief polo shirts for my grandma and another family member. I truly love everything especially the skinny cargos because I have a really hard time finding pants/jeans my size that can fit me nicely. The velvet shorts are really unique but I need to sew some belt loops on them so that I can adjust where I want the shorts to fit on me. The grey tee dress needs to be accessorized to the max, and the striped tee is simply another thing I can add for my work uniform. All this said, I'm not spending another dime until I get my next paycheck. This Friday. 

Do any of you guys have retail employee weakness woes like I do?


  1. Loving those gorgeous olive pants! Good buy :)

  2. love the olive pants and taupe ruched dress

    Xo Megan

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! i've never worked in retail, but i'd love the employee perks...awesome rugby buys :) if you like my blog too, do you want to follow each other? xoxo jess

  4. Thanks for the comment! You should def go on a road trip! Or maybe even a staycation!


  5. I love the Olive cargo, great buy. I used to work at Macys before, and I shopped after work most of the time .


  6. Love all the pieces - especially the olive cargos and the striped tee! xA