Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Thus Far


Summer is passing by so fast! Next week I'll be starting summer school (Microbiology & Business Writing) and I'm scared it's going to hinder any more plans I have this break. It's going to be difficult to study during this "I don't give a damn" attitude towards anything remotely academic at this point but I'll try my best! These pictures reflect some of the things I've already done this summer. A list of what I still have to do will be posted separately! Hopefully I can complete everything on the list, and FINALLY go to the beach at least once this summer. I don't know how I can avoid the beach in Hawaii, but some how I'm really good at it.

1. My boy and my dog bonding
2. The new Chanel display at the Alamoana shopping center
3. My first attempt at cooking toppoki (Korean spicy rice cakes)
4. Flaming sweater I found while thrifting
5. Gelato at Nordstrom's gelato bar on the last day of finals week
6. Kiwi! Reminds me of summer
7. Sukiyaki party with friends- it was an unexpected hit!
8. Late night pop in at Ross resulted in somes Jellies and a bird tee
9. Admiring the macaroons and cakes at the Honolulu Coffee Co.
10. The ultimate combo for some sick a$$ strawberry soda cake
11. Swapping clothes with my friend resulted in some major treasures! And a messy room...


  1. omg I love kiwi :)
    amazing post and awesome photos!!


  2. very nice photos! cute dog :]
    thanks so much for the comment on my blog!

    1. No, thank you! Your blog is so cool! :D

  3. such a cute dog!

    btw thanks for your comment!