Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Mid-July Haul

  •  Precious by Sapphire- from Savers
  • The Grapes of Wrath- gifted by my auntie 

  • Kimbra: Vows- from Amazon
  • Gardens & Villa- from Amazon

  • Stilla 'All Over Shimmer' Liquid Luminizer in Bronze- from Sephora
  • Wet n Wild Fast Dry nail color in "Blue wants to be a Millionaire"- from Don Quioxte
  • Wet n Wild Fast Dry nail color in "Party of Five Glitters"- from Don Quioxte
  • E.l.f. Studio Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths- from K-mart
  • Epielle Green Tea Cleansing Tissues- from Longs Drugs/CVS
  • Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Cleansing Mask- from Longs Drugs/CVS
  • Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Bronzer in Sunkissed- from Longs Drugs/CVS
  • Sephora Lipstick in Decollete- from Sephora

I apologize for the hiatus and the poor lighting in these photos! There has been so much to do but so little time these days! Finally I've compiled a mid-July haul to make up for the lack of posts. I've got quite a lot of random things, but they're things I've been wishing for and have kept note of for a long time. It's been a while since I've gotten any books or CDs so I'm glad I took the plunge and purchased them. I think the thing I'm most excited about is the Neutrogena bronzer though! I just bought it today and I'm aching to try it because it's made to blend it's various colors and match nicely to various skin colors. At 30% on all Neutrogena products, I think I might go back for something else. 

Are there any books, music, or beauty products that you guys would recommend? 


  1. love those polishes!! and love that you included books in your haul :D


  2. I love those e.l.f. cleansing cloths! So cheap and great. Sephora is a favorite "candy shop" of mine too!


  3. I love your nails - super cute. Maybe i should pick up that Neutrogena bronzer as well it sounds great!

    1. Thank you! And yessss, that bronzer is really good, I'm really glad I bought it! :D

  4. I have to have that party of five glitters polish!!