Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hot Daze

E.l.f. products I bought
  •  Soothing lip balm in strawberry creme- Honestly, it's so shitty, I wouldn't recommend it. The balm wouldn't twist back into the tube so I just tossed it in the trash. Worst 99 cents ever spent.
  • Hypershine lipgloss in honey- I bought it because of the "glide brush", but basically it met my expectations. My only beef is its quite a thick gloss and it doesn't smell very nice.
  • Wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara- Second worst 99 cents ever spent. My lashes just feel very wet and unsatisfied.
  • Matte lip color in tea rose- Such a pretty color! I love matte lipsticks and this color is similar to my natural lip color, just a hint more purplish and vibrant in hue. I think it's a perfect everyday lipstick, and I'm ecstatic that it's in a pencil type container. It fuels my want for the Nars lip pencil that I'm too cheap to buy. 

"Ouu, Ouu."

Today was seriously the hottest day of summer! It was about 82 degrees in Waikele and this week supposedly promises to be 82-84 degrees hot in hell. Damn. Well the only way to keep cool was to go to the mall and consistently be in a air conditioned store. After two trenta iced coffees at Starbucks and many stops, the day's goal was basically to keep cool!

Summary of stops

  1. Tried on skinny jeans at GAP
  2. The BF read GQ mag while I shopped for e.l.f. cosmetics
  3. Ate crazy bread at K-mart and gawked at Selena Gomez's clothing line (not bad)
  4. Made a mental wish list of shoes to buy while at Nine West
  5. Stood in front of the AC at the ikandy kiosk/hut
  6. Tried on the Jeremy Scott gorilla sneakers at Adidas 
  7. Browsed around in Sak's 5th Avenue while the BF tried on suits


  1. I bought some things from ELF after seeing many reviews and I was very disapointed, maybe I just expected too much, but in general I agree with your opinion!;-)
    I wish I bought the lipstick but I didn't buy any! xx

  2. I bought a blush in tickled pink a while back and actually enjoyed it! If you haven't tried it out, it's a good cheap blush! :D

    1. I will try it out! thanks!:)
      though I'm loyal to the coralista blush from benefit;
      it's a bit pricey but I bought one over a year ago and I use it every day and still have much left!:)