Monday, November 5, 2012

Black Friday Nightmares

Today was all about shopping. I had only one thing in mind: to pick up a few candles at Bath and Body Works. As fate would have it, it was not meant to be. The candle sale was over since yesterday, leaving me with a bitter, cheap ass feeling that I should just wait and splurge on Black Friday. SPEAKING OF BLACK FRIDAY, I'VE BEEN DREAMING ABOUT IT SINCE LAST MONTH! (Yes, I'm screaming this sentence...in my mind) Anyhow, I've been thinking about which malls to hit up, and todays shopping excursion made me come to the decision of going to Ala Moana for Black Friday. Am I crazy? Off my rocker? Possibly.

Anyone living in Oahu (third largest of the Hawaiian islands) would know that for Black Friday, Ala Moana has the craziest turn out of people. I've never been there for Black Friday but I've heard stories of mass crowds of people, uncomfortable shoulder to shoulder spaces, and ridiculously long lines. But I'm game this year. Why? Well, my boyfriend and I have made up our minds that there are way too many stores we want to go to at that particular mall. If we need to put sleep on hold, so be it. (Eugene aka bf, wants to go to Levi's, Clark's, and Express)

Here's a little list of what I want to pick up on Black Friday. Hopefully it'll all be a success and I won't come home tired with low spirits. I have a couple of more weeks to train so it should be okay. Perhaps I should lift weights and run with my pooch. It's Training Day all over again.

Video of madness. 

Black Friday Wish List:

1. Guess- Brittney Jacquard Denim Leggings $138
2. Brandy Melville- Grace dress $30
3. Brandy Melville- Simona top $29

4. Clarks- Royal Heart in Black Leather $119.99

5. Clarks- Heath Ren in Grey Leather $139.99
6. Bath & Body Works- CANDLES! $3.50-$20


7. Victoria's Secret- Fragrance mists $10

These are things I KNOW I'm going to get (if my money savings calculations are correct), but I do know that there will be gifts for others I will get in addition too. Have you guys started a Black Friday wish list? 


  1. haha training for black friday..love it! i've never done the black friday shopping, but so many of my friends love it! your blog is darling, and i love hawaii! thanks for entering the giveaway!

  2. I was looking for some nice candles for christmas so thanks for that!


  3. lolz Black Friday is tooo craycray for me! There are definitely deals to be had, but I prefer to stay in the comforts of my own home during the madness. :p I'm diggin the Grace dress and Royal Heart heels by the way and I'm a sucker for candles! ><

    The Krystel Book

  4. Great picks girl! Love , love the black dress.



  5. looks so nice :D!

    X Jenny

  6. We have nothing like these sales in Brazil. I'm now living in England and can't figure out if the best sales are durin Boxing Day or in early January when the stores want to clear up their stocks?? I guess I'll just need to go shopping both times. LOL Followed you! xx


  7. Great post! I would like to invite you to me :) Let's follow each other =]
    xxx from Spain

    mydope.net ✝