Sunday, June 9, 2013

June Wish List

June Wish List

Brandy Melville graphic tank top / American Apparel / Jeffrey Campbell high heels / Miu Miu / Bottega Veneta eau de perfume / Josie Maran beauty product

The hot weather can strip me of my sanity, but not my love for blogging! I've had to find other ways to blog besides doing it from my room which, I'm convinced is a portal into hell (how else could it reach such extreme temperatures?). Anyhow, from Starbucks, I've managed to compile a few items I've been eyeing out for some time now.

My two must haves are the Jeffrey Campbell Solitaire in black iridescent and the Miu Miu cat eye sunnies. The oil slick look that the JC Solitaire gives off is truly perfect for a day or night look. It seems to give off a subtle sheen, but isn't too crazy for daytime. I want to say it's charmingly unconventionally conventional because it still maintains a classic style. As for the Miu Miu shades, what can I say? A cat eye made by Miu Miu is a friend indeed. 

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